Make Your Home Look Like You Hired An Interior Designer

1.Website/ Magazines Are Full Of Inspirations

We all know somebody who is an avid “pinner” on Pinterest. It could either be you or one of your friends but the point is that everybody craves a good home interior. In this digital age most of decor websites or apps can spark a flame of creativity, we often think we never had. Begin by making an inspiration board for your home decor and scour the internet especially Pinterest for different home styles that might be of appeal to you. Save pictures and designs that excite you. After hunting, If you don’t have a budget look for creative ways to get these designs done using DIY methods. If you have the budget then we will say “ ooh fancy” and then recommend you to hire an interior designer for your home. 

2. Color Scheme

After you have collected some ideas of the styles of decoration that you would like around your house, it’s time to pick color schemes. Colour schemes are one of the toughest parts of decorating your home. Look at your inspiration boards across websites or apps or pictures and see what colors or patterns emerge again and again and try to pick three to four shades of that. One main color for the walls and a second for the couches & chairs which would have to complement the ones on the walls and a third color that adds a pop to your accessories such as trays, small decorative pieces, and baskets.

Moreover, consider adding light to your home because all of these colors will only look as good as the light they are surrounded by. The formula of three colors in any combination is a good way to start. Just remember that three is always better than two in a room well done. Not only does it take out the boring but also gives it an extra oomph.

3. Texture Is Your Friend

 If you are a person of single colors then texture is your best friend. If you look at single-color rooms at first glance they might seem painted or done in one color but if you look closely there are different sheets of the same color to add texture to the room. The texture can be added using fabrics/textiles such as draperies, velvet chairs, cushions, throws, and blankets, etc.

To bring a dull room to light, texture plays an important role and it also speaks volumes about the personality of the owner. Make sure that you pick out the textures that suit your lifestyle. For example, if you have kids or dogs a cotton sofa is a bad idea but a mohair chair or darker leather sofa will suit your needs. If you love luxury then consider some high-end pillows and draperies.

4.Trays, Bowls, And Baskets

Do you want to know what screams “ An interior designer did this”,  using trays, decorative bowls, and baskets. Using an arrangement or a collection of them anywhere in your home can add a lot of glitz and glamour to your place. A small tray, a couple of books,  an Ottoman, and some pretty candles can add a lot of design will a lot of design to your home. If you are inclined towards a rustic approach then try wooden baskets throughout your home or you could also decorate different rooms with different approaches throughout, each having a little niche of its own. You can also use these trays to put in small items such as soaps, candles, or leftover buttons and use them as pieces of display art. 

Now that you have some idea of how to do your home like an interior designer, it’s time to get these tips into action. Sites like MyMove and spruce can help you accent your kitchen and home. Whether you are rustic, minimalistic or full-on pop of color, there is something for everyone. Let us know how you DIY your home to look like a designer did it

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