Beginners guide to Interior Design

Designing your space is one of the most exciting projects you will ever take on. On the other hand it can become daunting and challenging in a matter of days. You have a vision for your space whether it’s your bedroom,living room, kitchen or your entire house but it doesn’t seem to materialize. Keep on reading. All it takes is a little bit of clarity, creativity and resourcefulness and you are good to go. 

Make sure you have motivation to start which will keep pushing you forward when it becomes complex and difficult or you will end up with a pile of cement and sledge hammers into your walls. So, before you start asking yourself these questions to bring in more clarity in your process and work smoothly as planned.

1.Where do I hope to make changes?

Figure out what you want early on, this will save you the small fortune on interior designers and contractors. If you are up for the challenge it’s fun to teach yourself how to design and decorate stuff. Identify the spaces you want to make changes to and rank them on highest to lowest priority. Creating a warm living room is usually the most common priority. Another personalized zone is the bathroom which is often overlooked. Living rooms can also be tackled while the bedroom is getting done but kitchens are time consuming so we recommend doing them last

2.What am I trying to accomplish with this change?

 Before you begin having a clear idea of what the most important thing in your plan is, whether it’s the flooring or walls or decorations etc. Only then you can decide on the best route that you can take within your budget and get the luxury interior you dream of. Apart from this you also need to think about what should be eliminated for good. This will help you create the best 

visuals within your budget that will be practical and also boot up your place.

3.Find your style

If you are an absolute beginner, after you have decided what you want to accomplish and where you want the changes, you need to know what design you want. Whether its a traditional design or modern design or even a Bohemian style decor. Reading up blogs on different styles and making pinterest your best friend can bring in alot of home inspiration for you. After getting a good read, you will start to notice which interior design style resonates most with your personal choice. This makes picking out material more easier

4.Who do you need to execute this design?

Think about the scope of your project like the designers or the contractors or electricians you would need. Do your research before consulting them. Either look for reviews online or by word of mouth. You can also ask them for portfolios for your peruse. Keep in mind to work with people who make you feel comfortable and are aligned with your vision. While working with an interior design firm you might ask them for contractors as they have one of the best ones on board. 

5.When do you hope to start and end ?

Create an ideal schedule from start to end to keep you on track and organized. Remember to remain flexible with the timeline as we never know how much time something will take when issues arise. You are bringing your dream house to life and that wont happen in one fell swoop. So, let the process take its due time and enjoy instilling personality into your house.

We wish you great luck with your design project and would love to see some pictures of the home decors you have done around your house. 

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