bookmark_borderHow To Toddler Proof Your Home

If you’re a first-time parent, or soon will be, you’re probably wondering how to toddler-proof your home. It’s not as hard as you might think! In this post, we’ll give you some tips on how to make your home safe for your little one. Keep in mind that each child is different, so what works for one may not work for another. Be prepared to adjust and adapt as needed. And most importantly, have fun with it! 

Hide All The Medicines

This is the most important step as it is a matter of life and death. You need to keep all medicines out of your toddler’s reach. You can either store them in a cabinet or lock them up in a cupboard. 

If you have a medicine cabinet, you can use childproof locks on it. However, if you do not have one then you can go for a locking cupboard. In case you are using liquid medicines, then make sure that they are stored in child-proof bottles.

Kids are curious by nature and will put just about anything in their mouths. If you have medicine out in the open, it’s only a matter of time before a child finds it and tries to eat it. And even if the medicine is not toxic, swallowing pills can be a choking hazard. By keeping your medicines hidden away, you can help prevent accidents and keep your children safe.

Hide The Sharp Objects

Your kitchen will be the most dangerous place for your toddler as there are many things that she/he can get hurt with. One of the worst things that your toddler may get hurt with is a knife. So make sure that all the knives are kept away from his/her reach. 

If possible, get rid of all the knives except one which you can use when cooking or eating food (obviously). You can also store them in a knife block or drawer so that they stay hidden from view but still within easy reach when required.

Scissors are dangerous objects that can cause a lot of damage to your toddler if she/he gets hold of them. So, store all the scissors in a drawer or cupboard and make sure that your child cannot reach them. You can also get rid of the scissors and use kitchen shears instead.

Hide The Bulbs

If you have small children or pets, then you know how important it is to child-proof your home. One way to do this is to make sure that all electrical outlets have covers. Another way is to hide any cords or wires that could be a tripping hazard. 

But one area that is often overlooked is hiding the light bulbs. Not only are they a choking hazard, but if they fall and break, it can create a serious safety hazard. That’s why it’s so important to take a few minutes to hide the light bulbs in your home. 

Whether you tuck them behind furniture or cover them with a lampshade, taking this extra step will help to keep your home safe for everyone.

Hide The Cleaning Products

Cleaning products such as bleach, ammonia, turpentine, etc are extremely dangerous for your toddler and should be kept out of her/his reach at all times. You should not leave cleaning products out on the floor where they could easily be knocked over and spill out onto the floor or worse still get into your little one’s mouth. 

If you have any cleaning products in an open container then make sure that they are covered with a lid or a plastic bag so that they do not pose any danger to your child when she plays around them accidentally.

So, these are a few general tips to toddler-proof your home. Remember, every child is different and will react differently to various situations, so be sure to use your best judgment when it comes to protecting your little one. And finally, have fun with it! This can be a new adventure for both you and your child.

bookmark_border5 Tips To Ensure An Odor-Free Bathroom

There’s nothing worse than a smelly bathroom. And, unfortunately, it can be tough to keep your bathroom smelling good. Fear not! There are many ways to ensure your bathroom doesn’t smell like a cesspool. In this blog post, we’ll discuss some of the most effective methods for keeping your bathroom odor-free. So keep reading to learn more!

Use Air Fresheners

One of the easiest ways to keep your bathroom smelling fresh is to use air fresheners. There are many different types of air fresheners available on the market, so you can choose one that best suits your needs. 

Some air fresheners are designed to be plugged into an outlet, while others are battery-operated. There are even air fresheners that can be placed in a drawer or cabinet. No matter which type of air freshener you choose, it will help to keep your bathroom smelling nice and fresh.

Another great way to keep your bathroom smelling fresh is to use essential oils. Essential oils not only smell great, but they can also help to disinfect and purify the air. Simply add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to a diffuser and enjoy the fresh, clean scent. You can also add essential oils to your bath water for a relaxing and refreshing experience.

Clean Regularly

Another effective way to prevent bathroom odors is to clean regularly. Be sure to clean all surfaces in the bathroom, including the toilet seat, sink, bathroom floor, etc.  A dirty bathroom is more likely to smell worse than a clean one due to the risk of bacterial growth.

Regularly cleaning your bathroom can help to prevent bad smells from developing. Make sure to scrub down all surfaces, including the floors and walls, and use a disinfectant to kill any bacteria.

Ventilate The Room

It’s also important to ventilate the bathroom properly. This will help to circulate fresh air and keep odors from building up. You can do this by opening a window or door whenever possible.

One of the ways that you can reduce odor in the bathroom is by making sure that you have proper ventilation. 

This means that you need to make sure that there is a fan running in the bathroom, and it is also important to make sure that the windows are open so that fresh air can circulate. If you have a window in the bathroom, make sure that it is always open when you are using the bathroom. You may also want to consider installing a ventilation fan, which will help to remove any odors from the room.

Use A Dehumidifier

If you live in a humid climate, using a dehumidifier can help to reduce moisture levels and prevent bad smells from developing. If you’re noticing a persistent bad odor in your bathroom, the culprit may be humidity. 

A dehumidifier can help to reduce moisture levels in the air and combat mildew and bacteria growth, which can help to reduce odors. By keeping the humidity under control, you’ll keep your bathroom smelling fresh all year long.

Use Baking Soda

One of the best ways to get rid of bad bathroom smells is to use baking soda. Baking soda is a natural deodorizer that can eliminate even the strongest odors. Simply use a solution of baking soda and vinegar to clean stains as well as remove odors from the drain pipes due to clogging.

Clogged pipes are often the leading cause of smell in the bathroom, so using a baking soda and vinegar mixture can help to clear them and stop the bad smells. In addition to clogged pipes, other sources of bathroom smells can be dirty surfaces, mildew, and urine. All of these problems can be tackled with a good cleaning using baking soda and vinegar.

When used together, baking soda and vinegar are a powerful combination for eliminating bathroom odors. Not only will your bathroom smell fresh and clean, but it will also be free of any harmful bacteria. So next time your bathroom starts to smell funky, try using some baking soda to get rid of the odor for good!

No one wants to walk into a smelly bathroom, and with these tips, you can keep your lavatory smelling fresh all the time. By following our simple guide, you can make sure that your guests never have to hold their breath when they visit your bathroom again!

bookmark_borderTrash To Treasure: Creative Easy To Repurpose Old Furniture

Are you one of those people that have a ton of old furniture lying around your house that you just can’t seem to get rid of? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. A lot of people have a hard time parting with their old furniture, even if they don’t really need it anymore. But what do you do when you’ve got too much furniture and not enough space? You repurpose it! Here are some easy ways to repurpose old furniture and give it new life.

Coffee Tables

Old end tables, dressers, night stands and other furniture can often be repurposed into a cute tufted coffee table. Simply remove the legs from your old furniture and attach four new ones in their place with wood screws or nails. 

Then, simply cover the tabletop in a sheet of plywood cut to fit well enough so that it doesn’t move around once you secure it onto the frame. It’s a really easy way to get a brand new piece of furniture without spending all of your time or money on getting one! 


Also extremely simple – just remove the doors from your cabinets using both a screwdriver and a wrench (if they’re being stubborn). Put some wheels underneath them, add some cushioning with bedding, and turn into a bed for your pet. Just make sure to stay on top of the air pressure in the tires so that they don’t pop! 

Pet Beds

As a lot of us with pets already know, those things can be really expensive. If you’re sick of buying new pet beds all the time, you can actually take your old one and just cover it with a plush blanket, pillow case or some other piece of fabric that looks nice. You’ll never have to buy another bed again as long as you keep this trick up your sleeve!


If you’ve got an old headboard lying around and no bed frame to use it with – don’t fret! There are lots of ways to repurpose them and turn them into the sofa for the backyard.  You can even use them for your kid’s play house, or maybe even the kennel if you have a pet. The possibilities are endless with these things!

Buffet Tables

Have an ugly buffet table that you’re tired of looking at? Why not turn it into a mini bar for your kitchen or sunroom? You can make it look really classy by adding some wine storage underneath, along with small glass drawers for liquor bottles and other stuff. It’ll look great in no time flat!


One of the ways that people are repurposing old dressers is by turning them into plant holders. You can actually install shelving inside of them if you want, or simply use the tabletop to display your crafting projects or artwork.


Some people have turned their tables upside down so that they have a surface to work on while they’re painting the walls or doing some other type of home improvement project. This may not be for everyone, but it’s still pretty cool!


Repurpose old chairs by using them as side tables in corners throughout your house. Some are even adding wheels to them and using them for rolling around when cleaning up their garage instead of buying one of those fancy ladders with wheels on it!

Farmhouse Ladder

Take the old ladder out of the garage, clean it, paint it, dry it in the sun, and ta-da the DIY bag hanger is ready to go into your room. If you add some shelves, then you can use it to grow herbs in your garden or just use it in the living area to display some plants.

Creative ways to repurpose old furniture can make your home look new again on a budget. With just a little bit of imagination and some DIY skills, you can turn that outdated piece of furniture into something stylish and functional in your home. Moreover, it is budget and environment friendly!

bookmark_border6 Bathroom Remodeling: 6 Mistakes You Don’t Want To Make

It’s exciting to remodel your bathroom. You get to start with a clean slate and create something that is perfect for you and your family. However, there are some mistakes that you don’t want to make while having your bathroom remodeled. In this blog post, we will discuss 11 of the most common mistakes people make when they are remodeling their bathroom. Avoid these mistakes and you’ll be on your way to a bathroom that you love!

1. Not Hiring Professionals

Looking to remodel your bathroom on your own? Many people try to save money by doing the bathroom remodeling themselves. However, not hiring a professional can be one of the biggest mistakes you make! Without the proper expertise, you could wind up with a bathroom that’s not only unfinished, but also unsafe. Why take the risk? Let the professionals take care of it for you. 

2. Hiring The Wrong Contractors

While DIY bathroom remodels should definitely be avoided, hiring the wrong professionals to carry out the task can prove to be even more dangerous. It’s important to choose a contractor who has experience with bathroom remodels and who specializes in the type of remodel you’re looking for. Here’s what you can do:

1. Ask for referrals from family and friends.

2. Check online reviews – are there any red flags or negative comments about the contractor’s work ethic or quality of workmanship?

3. Get estimates from at least three different contractors.

4. Ask lots of questions – how long will the project take, what materials will be used, who will be doing the work, etc.?

5. Make sure you have a written contract in place before the project begins.

3. Underestimating The Cost

Bathroom remodeling can be expensive, but with careful planning you can stay within your budget. Don’t underestimate the cost of materials and labor – it’s easy to go over budget when you’re not prepared. 

Before starting a bathroom remodel, take an inventory of the items you will need. In addition to materials and labor costs, remember that there are many hidden expenses involved in a bathroom remodel. Consider these three main areas for additional expenses – fixtures, plumbing, and electrical work.

A typical estimate for a small one-bathroom bathroom with no major renovations is $5,000-$8,000. For larger projects it may be wise to hire a professional estimator or architect to help calculate your project cost more accurately. 

4. Skimping On Materials And Finishes

It’s a common mistake to try to save money on a bathroom remodel by cutting corners on materials and finishes. But doing so can lead to big headaches and expensive repairs down the road.

Cheap materials and finishes will look cheap and will not last as long. Invest in quality materials such as granite or marble countertops, high-end faucets and fixtures, and porcelain tile flooring. These materials will add value to your home and will last for many years. You may have to spend a little more up front, but it will be worth it in the end.

Think about the time you spend in your bathroom everyday- it’s easy to forget some of the more technical aspects when remodeling. Electrical wiring and plumbing work should never be overlooked if everything else is done right by all parties involved– don’t let this happen because trust us; no one wants moldy pipes or an electrical fire waiting for them after they take a shower!

5. Underestimating The Bathroom Remodel Timeline

It’s always a good idea to overestimate how long your bathroom remodel will take. Murphy’s Law is alive and well in bathroom renovations- anything that can go wrong, will. From running into hidden water damage to discovering asbestos tile under layers of linoleum, there are plenty of things that can slow down your renovation. Better safe than sorry.

In addition, you’ll want to factor in time for inspections, ordering materials, and potential delays caused by weather or contractor mistakes. All of these things can easily add an extra week or two onto your estimated timeline so it’s best not to be caught off guard. 

6. Not Considering Ventilation And Moisture Control

Ventilation and moisture control are important considerations when remodeling a bathroom. When venting the toilet, make sure the pipe is horizontal to minimize water damage. Install a fan in your bathroom that will help remove any excess humidity from the room. Also consider installing an exhaust fan for your shower or bathtub to help relieve trapped moisture. Do check with local building codes before installing any ventilation or exhaust fans in your home’s bathrooms. Also make sure to have someone who specializes in plumbing work on any projects involving toilets, sinks, showers, bathtubs, and laundry rooms.

By following our tips, you can have the perfect bathroom in no time! Have you started remodeling your bathroom yet? If not, watch out for these six common mistakes and make sure to avoid them at all costs.

bookmark_borderA Guide To Choosing Living Room Colors

The living room is the hub of the whole home. Every activity has been done there. In this regard, color is one of the most important atmospheres that makes up a living room. You can create a safe and warm feeling with it so that after a stressful day you forget all your worries and can fully enjoy the rest. In addition to the atmosphere, colors can also help with the feeling of space in your living room. For example, by accentuating certain walls, you can make the living room appear larger, longer, more intimate, or airier.

By using colors and patterns you can strongly influence the feeling of space in your living room. Whether the room is too large, too small, too narrow, or too long, with these color tips you will surely make it an atmospheric place.

Make Living Room Look Bigger

To make a small living room feel large, it is best to use light color tones. Paint the ceiling and walls the same color to create a more spacious feel, or paint the ceiling a slightly lighter color. Horizontal color accents can brighten things up and give the living room more depth. You can also create more depth and atmosphere with a rehearsal of colorful paintings, photo frames, and other decorations.

Make Living Room Look Lower

Whether your living space is in a too old house or mansion, it might feel fairly uninviting in the evening because of the high ceilings. You may fix this by painting the ceiling a dark hue, which makes the space appear smaller right away. If you have frames in your house then it’s a good idea to paint them as the color of your ceiling. You can also break high walls by applying horizontal areas of color or by paneling.

Make A Low Living Room Look Higher

If you don’t have the luxury problem of high ceilings but have to worry about a space that is too low, you can reverse the above tips. By giving the ceiling a lighter color than the walls, your space will appear higher. Preferably use built-in lighting and buy floor lamps that illuminate the ceiling. You can safely place this on the floor so that the distance between the lighting fixture and the ceiling is even greater.

Accent Walls

If you want to accentuate certain walls or draw the room towards you, you can use accent colors. It is important that you dare to experiment with colors and patterns. If you get tired of your accent wall after a few years, it can easily be painted over. Creating an accent wall is ideal for quickly renewing your living room. In addition to painting, you can also get started creatively with old materials and your wall will cost nothing at all.

A White Living Room

In the living room, white is the most popular hue. It’s a neutral hue that makes the living room appear more spacious and never feels dated. White is also a hue that complements every style of furniture, regardless of its substance. White walls may easily seem impersonal and boring. As a result, it’s critical to instill personality through eye-catching furniture or décor. A possible accent wall may also help to split up the room and give it a new aspect.

Pastel Shades In The Living Room

Pastel shades give the living room an elegant and summery atmosphere. You can use colors like sandy beige, lime green, and light gray. Pastel-colored walls usually attract little attention and focus on the interior of the room. You can enhance this effect by ensuring that the furniture, home accessories, and fabrics contrast strongly with each other.

Bright Colors In The Living Room

Bright colors have a big impact on your mood. This is because we often associate these colors with nice things: Yellow is reminiscent of the sun, blue with water, and green we, in turn, associate with beautiful lawns. When you use these colors it usually reflects that you are an active person yourself. Bright colors are best combined with white tones so that the living room still radiates sufficient tranquility.

Bottom Line

When choosing a visual style for space, avoid the urge to pick the paint color first. Because paint is inexpensive and can be mixed to practically any color, it’s best to start with more rigid room elements like furniture, fabrics, tile, or wallpaper. Then, using those components as a guide, choose your paint colors.

bookmark_border5 Decor Ideas For Your Work Space

Whether you’re a freelancer working at home or whether you’re working in an office space the way your work station looks will have a great impact on your productivity. Having a proper table and set up can definitely increase your productivity and inspire you to work harder! 

This is why we strongly recommend that you take the time and make your workstation as aesthetically pleasing, organized and creative as you want to make yourself comfortable at work.

Remember that this is the space you will be spending a huge amount of your time so it needs to look nice! Here are 5 tips for you to make your workstation creative and inspiring. 

  1. Choose A Color Palette 

It has been proven that colors trigger different kinds of reactions in people so choosing a color palette is very important. For example the color yellow is supposed to encourage communication, stimulate mental processes and activate your memory, all things essential for working! Similarly you can look into other colors you really like and create a nice atmosphere in your working space. We recommend choosing mild and neutral shades for your office but if you are in a creative field bright colors might go well in your office space as well. 

  1. Colorful Stationery Holders

The only thing I don’t like about the rapid digitization is the redundancy of stationary. We no longer need highlights, pens, pencils, sticky notes etc. But if your work still allows you to use all this stuff then first of all get super cute and trendy stationery from amazon and secondly get a nice holder. If you like to get creative then maybe reuse old containers by painting them or wrapping them up with some chic wrapping paper. You can even use old cans for a vintage look! 

  1. Add Motivating And Inspiring Quotes 

As cliche as it may sound but adding small bits and pieces of motivational quotes around your office space can actually work! When you’re depressed and lethargic and you look at your bulletin board that says “Good things come to those who hustle” I’m sure you will be more willing to get back to work. You can also get nice picture frames of these quotes to add art and motivation in your office at the same time. If you just have a workstation use cute push magnets and pins to attach these quotes right in front of you to keep you on the top of your game always.

  1. Add A Lamp 

Dimly or badly lit spaces are the worst ever. They literally perpetuate sadness and make working so boring. If you are building your work space at home then you definitely make considerable changes in your light and modern pendant lights on your desk to make it look nicer. But if you’re in an office then your best bet is a lamp. You can find small cheap ones easily in thrift stores and online. Just make sure your lamp is not too big so that it doesn’t take up so much space on your desk. 

  1. Organize Your Desk 

No matter what you do with your workstation or office, if it’s not organized it’s never going to look good. Apart from the aesthetics, working on a messy desk is virtually impossible so take time out to sort your desk! You can find trendy paper separters and organizers on Amazon. Get a plain Letter tray and paint it with golden spray paint to add a colorful accessory to your table. You can also get document holders and tag them for keeping it organized always. 

  1. Add A Small Vase 

Vases may not be everyone’s preferred piece of decoration but it would be for a lot of people who love flowers! You can occasionally bring in fresh flowers and put them in the vase and other times just the usual fake flowers can get the job done. Flowers add color to your space very subtly and if they are real then the accompanying aroma is just amazing. If you have a whole room to yourself you should get 2-3 vases and place them in different places and fill them with some fake flowers. This will surely make everyone look back at your office once more! 

Most office spaces looking amazing but don’t smell amazing so don’t forget your aroma diffusers and never forget to declutter!

bookmark_border5 Effective Ways to Make Your Kitchen Eco-Friendly

Your kitchen is the most used space in your home, which means that besides the wear and tear, you will also need to occasionally update it. The look of your kitchen also matters, and you achieve that while also investing in sustainability and eco-friendly appliances.

Green remodeling your kitchen can come with a variety of options from interesting your cabinetry, walls, floors, appliances, countertops, plumbing, etc. The numerous options may be overwhelming at first but our helpful guide to making your kitchen eco-friendly can help you through your remodeling journey.

From water efficiency, energy efficiency, sustainable materials, to the economic use of space, you can use a variety of strategies to redesign your kitchen in the most environmentally friendly way, while never compromising on style and elegance.

1. Hire An Eco-Expert Contractor

With green remodeling, you may find yourself somewhat confused or lost, especially since the options available are endless. Therefore, we recommend working closely with a professional who is aware of all the options and your requirements.

Hiring an Eco-expert contractor can save you a lot of money and precious time especially since they are well-versed in the language of sustainability and non-toxic kitchen remodeling. Instead of running around in circles, you will have the advice and support of an expert who can make all the necessary choices for you, while also considering your budget.

You can visit the local green building supplier in your vicinity and inquire about local green contractors’ business cards. Always remember to meet with a few candidates before you make your final decision. Since you will be investing your money and time into this project, the contractor you pick should have the expertise and insight to make your green kitchen vision and reality.

2. Choose Eco-Friendly Materials

When redesigning your kitchen, we also recommend investing in eco-friendly materials that not only give a chic appearance but also help cut down on energy pills and resource wastage.

Be it your countertops, backsplash, flooring, cabinetry, plumbing, etc., you should choose materials while keeping in mind their environmental impact and durability. FSC-certified cabinets, recycle appliances, eco-friendly sinks, and pipes, etc., can suit any space or style.

While beauty is certainly a top factor when remodeling your kitchen, materials that help with sustainability while maintaining that sense of modern flare should be your top choice.

Whatever choice you make when picking the right materials, gauge its environmental impact and check whether it suits your green kitchen vision.

3. Increase Water Efficiency by Changing Faulty Fixtures

One of the most common problems in old kitchens is leaky faucets, pipes, sinks, etc. Such faulty fixtures can lead to greater expenses and result in water wastage.

A quick and inexpensive way to modernize your kitchen and make it eco-friendly is by switching to the right eco-friendly plumbing methods that dramatically reduce the amount of water used in your home for cleaning or cooking purposes.

Low-flow faucets are excellent for conserving water without skimping on that lovely high-water pressure when you are in the shower on cleaning your porch. Eco-friendly faucets use a maximum of 1.5 gallons per minute and are also known to reduce sink water flow by over 30%.

Just by switching to eco-friendly faucets, you could easily save billions of gallons of water each year and save on energy bills.

4. Use Energy-Efficiency Lighting

The best type of light is natural light but when it is nighttime or wintertime, you may not always have bright, crisp daylight seeping through the windows and lighting up your room.

For this purpose, you can make use of energy-efficient lighting such as LED bulbs over traditional high voltage, incandescent lighting. In fact, LED bulbs are also known to last 20 times longer than the average bulb.

If you are looking for ways to make your kitchen eco-friendly, while also saving your precious money on energy bills, then LED lighting will truly help in achieving that. You can purchase a wide range of colors that suit your taste and the overall look of your kitchen.

Another superb benefit of installing energy-efficient lighting is its durability. You can wait decades before ever having to change LED light bulbs. They are bright, conserve valuable energy, and help in reducing costs significantly.

5. Purchase Energy-Efficient Appliances

Instead of sticking to those archaic gas-run ovens and appliances, we recommend going all-electric instead. Modern induction stoves, convection ovens, and electric heaters outperform appliances that are run with gas.

This will be the future of modern kitchens. By encapsulating terrific energy-efficient appliances that use renewable energy sources, we can play our part in decarbonizing the environment.

Did you know that your everyday kitchen appliances account for over 10% of your home’s energy consumption? This also significantly increases bills and maintenance costs. Energy-efficient appliances can help cut power emissions and shrink that electricity bill.

Always opt for appliances that come with the Energy Star Seal of approval as they are known to be the best eco-friendly kitchen appliances.  

bookmark_border5 Unique Ways To Use Pegboards For Home Organization

Getting organized is more of a journey than a destination. Just when you think, you have organized everything and there is nothing new that might pop up, we are wrong. The new trending organizer in most spaces is the *drum roll please* pegboard.

Yes! You read that right. Pegboards are typically used to train the motor skills for toddlers but some genius converted it into a full-on organizing wall for every room. LEt’s take a look at some ways this latest obsession can make your life easier and more organized:

1. Sort Kitchen Supplies

Adding a pegboard to your kitchen instantly adds more space without compromising the design or overall look. Small things such as mortars, petter shakers, or other spatulas will be taking space on your countertops. Moreover, homes with young children benefit from this a lot. Children have the tendency to open drawers and take out all the cutlery but with this pegboard, you can place everything they need on the board. Pegboards are also being used in modern kitchens to double as backsplashes too. Also, if you feel like adding plants to your kitchen but are out of space, adding small pots to the pegboard can be a great idea.

2. Gallery Wall

Fond of paintings but don’t want to commit to the permanence? Or does it go with your decor? Pegboards to the rescue. Getting a pegboard wall can not only give you more space to hang your decorations and paintings but also saves you from having lots of holes in your wall. It allows you to change as and when needed. If you are someone who works with the camera and needs a new studio every week. Having pegboards and being able to change the decor for every recording is a game-changer. Moreover, if you want to display a collection temporarily pegboards can be handy in this department too.

3. Table Runner

A table runner that can hold things and clear out space near your hands, seriously where is the genius of the year award? Dinner tables are typically full of things and can sometimes be annoying while enjoying your meals. A table runner that can hold things for you if placed on a stick is a game-changer. These can be very useful for parties. You can stick some appetizers on sticks and place them all over your table run. Fewer dishes to wash looks beautiful and makes you appear smart * wink* *wink*

4. Office Area

If you are someone who likes to have a dedicated office space for working but doesn’t have enough room yet, pegboard is the answer. Placing a pegboard in front of a table and an office chair can not only organize your sticky notes and staplers etc but also give you that little office setting you are hoping for. It’s a clean DIY way of organizing. This idea can also be used for creating a homework space for your kids. Easy to clean, fun, and keeps everything in one place.

5. Organize Your Laundry Room

Our typical basements or laundry rooms can be an organizational minefield but now that we know of pegboards, it doesn’t have to be. It’s the ideal way to keep your supplies at hand, in one place, and displayed beautifully. Moreover, if you have stuff lying around in your basement it is a health hazard while doing your laundry. Hardware supplies lying around in your basement/laundry room can also be very easily organized. One other benefit would be, you don’t need child drawer locks anymore. You can just place hazardous stuff on the top of the pegboard.

Lastly, pegboards are used mostly as steady mounting on the wall but they can be used in your cupboards, closets and can be converted into sliding shelves as well.  Pegboards will help you keep everything handy saving you space but also no one can get out of chores because they couldn’t find something. Let us know of any unusual places you have placed your pegboards on. 

bookmark_border6 Different Ways You Can Renovate A Bonus Room In Your Home

Bonus rooms also known as flex rooms are unused rooms around the house in addition to the living room, guest room and the bed rooms. Since they don’t have a designated use you can repurpose them in different ways. They sometimes come with challenging layouts but there’s nothing you can’t fix with a little bit of clever planning!

If you’re scratching your head over how to define that awkwardly placed space in your home, here’s a list of ideas we put together to get your design juices flowing:

1. Kids Activity Room:

If you have kids, you can definitely use your bonus room as a kids activity room. This will help you keep your home away from the constant mess that kids tend to make and you won’t have to collect toys from all over the house all the time. With a designated space to play, it’ll just be one room to clean. You can also put a chalkboard in there and a study table so it can also be used to do homework away from other distractions. Use shelves and organisers to store toys and school supplies and turn the space into a fun activity room!

2. Home Office:

If you work from home, you can totally use your bonus room as an office. Since there will be no noise or distractions, it will be really easy to focus on work. You can renovate it to look professional, place an office desk and a couple of chairs, shelves and organisers around to complete your office look. Make sure there’s ample light in the room to make work easier. It also gives a quiet space for making conference calls or attending clients, and becomes a catalyst for productivity!

3. Home Gym:

Finally getting in the mood to complete a fitness challenge? A bonus room can definitely work as a gym or yoga studio. People who work as fitness instructors can use a home gym since gyms are closed during the pandemic. Place some mats, necessary workout equipment, calming scents and reed diffusers, and a stereo system and viola, your very own home gym is good to go!

4. Library or Reading Nook:

Bonus rooms come with challenging layouts and often strange angles which might work out for a bedroom, office or even a gym, but one thing you can use it for no matter how many corners it has, is a library and a reading nook! You can create your DIY shelves or get some old drawers from a flea market, place some cushions in a corner, a lamp and some covers and have your own library with a reading nook ready to go. It will help keep the noise and distraction away and make for a perfect relaxing spot!

5. Home Theatre:

The concept of home theatres has mostly only existed in luxury homes with plenty of empty space and rooms. But you can create your own theatre with just a projector, some couches, bean bag chairs or even mattresses, and an empty wall. This is a perfect hangout spot with your friends and since the theatres are closed due the pandemic, and you totally create your own mini cinema at home (where you’re allowed to take in your own snacks!).

6. Laundry Room:

If you don’t have a separate laundry room in your home, you can use the bonus room as one. This is actually the most common use of a bonus room. Just keep all your necessary laundry stuff in the room and keep the piles of laundry hidden away!

Bonus rooms are a luxury in itself because you can use them to make up for whatever your home is missing. And it doesn’t have to stay the same! For example if you were using your bonus room as a kids activity room, you can turn it into a hangout spot once they’ve grown up. So if you have a bonus room in your home, use it as an opportunity to get your DIY juices flowing this pandemic and create something awesome out of it!

bookmark_borderMake Your Home Look Like You Hired An Interior Designer

1.Website/ Magazines Are Full Of Inspirations

We all know somebody who is an avid “pinner” on Pinterest. It could either be you or one of your friends but the point is that everybody craves a good home interior. In this digital age most of decor websites or apps can spark a flame of creativity, we often think we never had. Begin by making an inspiration board for your home decor and scour the internet especially Pinterest for different home styles that might be of appeal to you. Save pictures and designs that excite you. After hunting, If you don’t have a budget look for creative ways to get these designs done using DIY methods. If you have the budget then we will say “ ooh fancy” and then recommend you to hire an interior designer for your home. 

2. Color Scheme

After you have collected some ideas of the styles of decoration that you would like around your house, it’s time to pick color schemes. Colour schemes are one of the toughest parts of decorating your home. Look at your inspiration boards across websites or apps or pictures and see what colors or patterns emerge again and again and try to pick three to four shades of that. One main color for the walls and a second for the couches & chairs which would have to complement the ones on the walls and a third color that adds a pop to your accessories such as trays, small decorative pieces, and baskets.

Moreover, consider adding light to your home because all of these colors will only look as good as the light they are surrounded by. The formula of three colors in any combination is a good way to start. Just remember that three is always better than two in a room well done. Not only does it take out the boring but also gives it an extra oomph.

3. Texture Is Your Friend

 If you are a person of single colors then texture is your best friend. If you look at single-color rooms at first glance they might seem painted or done in one color but if you look closely there are different sheets of the same color to add texture to the room. The texture can be added using fabrics/textiles such as draperies, velvet chairs, cushions, throws, and blankets, etc.

To bring a dull room to light, texture plays an important role and it also speaks volumes about the personality of the owner. Make sure that you pick out the textures that suit your lifestyle. For example, if you have kids or dogs a cotton sofa is a bad idea but a mohair chair or darker leather sofa will suit your needs. If you love luxury then consider some high-end pillows and draperies.

4.Trays, Bowls, And Baskets

Do you want to know what screams “ An interior designer did this”,  using trays, decorative bowls, and baskets. Using an arrangement or a collection of them anywhere in your home can add a lot of glitz and glamour to your place. A small tray, a couple of books,  an Ottoman, and some pretty candles can add a lot of design will a lot of design to your home. If you are inclined towards a rustic approach then try wooden baskets throughout your home or you could also decorate different rooms with different approaches throughout, each having a little niche of its own. You can also use these trays to put in small items such as soaps, candles, or leftover buttons and use them as pieces of display art. 

Now that you have some idea of how to do your home like an interior designer, it’s time to get these tips into action. Sites like MyMove and spruce can help you accent your kitchen and home. Whether you are rustic, minimalistic or full-on pop of color, there is something for everyone. Let us know how you DIY your home to look like a designer did it