6 DIY Hallway Decor Ideas

According to the famous old proverb, “The first impression is the last impression,” hallways are the openings to your house. As soon as someone steps through the door, the hallway is the first thing they notice. Therefore, it must be welcoming and sets the rest of the house’s tone while representing its character. Sounds tricky? Don’t worry; these creative DIY ideas for sprucing up any dark and dull hallway will make the job a lot easier.

Color The Walls

The easiest way of changing any room’s outlook is to change the color of paint on its wall. Since hallways usually are narrow and don’t have windows, refrain from using bright and funky colors such as red, yellow, and green. 

Instead, go for lighter or neutral tones as it will create the illusion of a wider space. For example, eggshell white, light grey, yellow butter, pale mint, etc. work perfectly well for hallways. 

Fun Wallpaper

If you are keen on adding some pop to the doorway, then paste a vibrantly printed wallpaper on one of the walls. Stripes are the most fool-proof print when it comes to hallways as they elongate the walls.

Especially for the tenants who cannot paint the walls under the rent agreement, a peel and stick wallpaper is the best match. They are an instantaneous way of brightening up any room.


Mirrors are an essential element of hallway decor since everyone wants to check out themselves for the last time before leaving the house. Moreover, guests usually tend to fix themselves immediately after entering the house. So it is an indispensable design item in the corridor. 

Mirrors and reflective surfaces are also used to expand a room and enhance its brightness visually. Using a rectangular shaped mirror that spreads horizontally along the wall will create the infinity mirror effect.

Fancy Lighting

As well know that hallways are quite dingy and don’t have access to sufficient natural light. So installing a sophisticated ceiling light or chandelier is another way to increase the brightness in the room.

As previously mentioned, hallways set the mood for the rest of the house, so in that case, having a dark hallway with low lightning is a big no. Instead, you can use accent lighting to highlight the decor and multiply its beauty.

Gallery Wall

A gallery wall is a well-curated collection of artwork or pictures displayed creatively on an empty wall. They are usually created in hallways, staircases, or any other living wall—a perfect opportunity for art buffs to show-off their collection and add their personalized touch to space.

Minimalist or maximalist, the aesthetics of the gallery wall depend on the paint of the wall and your house’s design theme. Commission the local artists, visit the nearest flea market, or hang any prints of your choice. 

Picture Ledge

The purpose of decorating the alley is to make the house more inviting while giving a brief glimpse of its environment. And what better way than displaying the precious photos of your loved ones on a photo wall. 

Proudly exhibit your family’s timeless moments as framed photographs and turn one wall in the hallway into a photo wall. This is a surefire way to intrigue the visitors and makes them feel welcomed. 

Storage Bench

Besides adding to the beauty of the house, hallways can act as storage areas if organized smartly. For example, a storage bench where you can store all our shoes will keep the place uncluttered. 

Moreover, you can utilize the bench’s seating area to sit while wearing the shoes instead of doing the one-legged dance every morning. You can also use a hanger to hang the coats, totes, hats, and scarves if you lack a coat closet in the apartment. 

Whatever you do, make sure that you create a smooth transition to the living room and increase the hallway’s functionality while leaving a lasting impression on the visitors.

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