6 Bathroom Remodeling: 6 Mistakes You Don’t Want To Make

It’s exciting to remodel your bathroom. You get to start with a clean slate and create something that is perfect for you and your family. However, there are some mistakes that you don’t want to make while having your bathroom remodeled. In this blog post, we will discuss 11 of the most common mistakes people make when they are remodeling their bathroom. Avoid these mistakes and you’ll be on your way to a bathroom that you love!

1. Not Hiring Professionals

Looking to remodel your bathroom on your own? Many people try to save money by doing the bathroom remodeling themselves. However, not hiring a professional can be one of the biggest mistakes you make! Without the proper expertise, you could wind up with a bathroom that’s not only unfinished, but also unsafe. Why take the risk? Let the professionals take care of it for you. 

2. Hiring The Wrong Contractors

While DIY bathroom remodels should definitely be avoided, hiring the wrong professionals to carry out the task can prove to be even more dangerous. It’s important to choose a contractor who has experience with bathroom remodels and who specializes in the type of remodel you’re looking for. Here’s what you can do:

1. Ask for referrals from family and friends.

2. Check online reviews – are there any red flags or negative comments about the contractor’s work ethic or quality of workmanship?

3. Get estimates from at least three different contractors.

4. Ask lots of questions – how long will the project take, what materials will be used, who will be doing the work, etc.?

5. Make sure you have a written contract in place before the project begins.

3. Underestimating The Cost

Bathroom remodeling can be expensive, but with careful planning you can stay within your budget. Don’t underestimate the cost of materials and labor – it’s easy to go over budget when you’re not prepared. 

Before starting a bathroom remodel, take an inventory of the items you will need. In addition to materials and labor costs, remember that there are many hidden expenses involved in a bathroom remodel. Consider these three main areas for additional expenses – fixtures, plumbing, and electrical work.

A typical estimate for a small one-bathroom bathroom with no major renovations is $5,000-$8,000. For larger projects it may be wise to hire a professional estimator or architect to help calculate your project cost more accurately. 

4. Skimping On Materials And Finishes

It’s a common mistake to try to save money on a bathroom remodel by cutting corners on materials and finishes. But doing so can lead to big headaches and expensive repairs down the road.

Cheap materials and finishes will look cheap and will not last as long. Invest in quality materials such as granite or marble countertops, high-end faucets and fixtures, and porcelain tile flooring. These materials will add value to your home and will last for many years. You may have to spend a little more up front, but it will be worth it in the end.

Think about the time you spend in your bathroom everyday- it’s easy to forget some of the more technical aspects when remodeling. Electrical wiring and plumbing work should never be overlooked if everything else is done right by all parties involved– don’t let this happen because trust us; no one wants moldy pipes or an electrical fire waiting for them after they take a shower!

5. Underestimating The Bathroom Remodel Timeline

It’s always a good idea to overestimate how long your bathroom remodel will take. Murphy’s Law is alive and well in bathroom renovations- anything that can go wrong, will. From running into hidden water damage to discovering asbestos tile under layers of linoleum, there are plenty of things that can slow down your renovation. Better safe than sorry.

In addition, you’ll want to factor in time for inspections, ordering materials, and potential delays caused by weather or contractor mistakes. All of these things can easily add an extra week or two onto your estimated timeline so it’s best not to be caught off guard. 

6. Not Considering Ventilation And Moisture Control

Ventilation and moisture control are important considerations when remodeling a bathroom. When venting the toilet, make sure the pipe is horizontal to minimize water damage. Install a fan in your bathroom that will help remove any excess humidity from the room. Also consider installing an exhaust fan for your shower or bathtub to help relieve trapped moisture. Do check with local building codes before installing any ventilation or exhaust fans in your home’s bathrooms. Also make sure to have someone who specializes in plumbing work on any projects involving toilets, sinks, showers, bathtubs, and laundry rooms.

By following our tips, you can have the perfect bathroom in no time! Have you started remodeling your bathroom yet? If not, watch out for these six common mistakes and make sure to avoid them at all costs.

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