5 Unique Ways To Use Pegboards For Home Organization

Getting organized is more of a journey than a destination. Just when you think, you have organized everything and there is nothing new that might pop up, we are wrong. The new trending organizer in most spaces is the *drum roll please* pegboard.

Yes! You read that right. Pegboards are typically used to train the motor skills for toddlers but some genius converted it into a full-on organizing wall for every room. LEt’s take a look at some ways this latest obsession can make your life easier and more organized:

1. Sort Kitchen Supplies

Adding a pegboard to your kitchen instantly adds more space without compromising the design or overall look. Small things such as mortars, petter shakers, or other spatulas will be taking space on your countertops. Moreover, homes with young children benefit from this a lot. Children have the tendency to open drawers and take out all the cutlery but with this pegboard, you can place everything they need on the board. Pegboards are also being used in modern kitchens to double as backsplashes too. Also, if you feel like adding plants to your kitchen but are out of space, adding small pots to the pegboard can be a great idea.

2. Gallery Wall

Fond of paintings but don’t want to commit to the permanence? Or does it go with your decor? Pegboards to the rescue. Getting a pegboard wall can not only give you more space to hang your decorations and paintings but also saves you from having lots of holes in your wall. It allows you to change as and when needed. If you are someone who works with the camera and needs a new studio every week. Having pegboards and being able to change the decor for every recording is a game-changer. Moreover, if you want to display a collection temporarily pegboards can be handy in this department too.

3. Table Runner

A table runner that can hold things and clear out space near your hands, seriously where is the genius of the year award? Dinner tables are typically full of things and can sometimes be annoying while enjoying your meals. A table runner that can hold things for you if placed on a stick is a game-changer. These can be very useful for parties. You can stick some appetizers on sticks and place them all over your table run. Fewer dishes to wash looks beautiful and makes you appear smart * wink* *wink*

4. Office Area

If you are someone who likes to have a dedicated office space for working but doesn’t have enough room yet, pegboard is the answer. Placing a pegboard in front of a table and an office chair can not only organize your sticky notes and staplers etc but also give you that little office setting you are hoping for. It’s a clean DIY way of organizing. This idea can also be used for creating a homework space for your kids. Easy to clean, fun, and keeps everything in one place.

5. Organize Your Laundry Room

Our typical basements or laundry rooms can be an organizational minefield but now that we know of pegboards, it doesn’t have to be. It’s the ideal way to keep your supplies at hand, in one place, and displayed beautifully. Moreover, if you have stuff lying around in your basement it is a health hazard while doing your laundry. Hardware supplies lying around in your basement/laundry room can also be very easily organized. One other benefit would be, you don’t need child drawer locks anymore. You can just place hazardous stuff on the top of the pegboard.

Lastly, pegboards are used mostly as steady mounting on the wall but they can be used in your cupboards, closets and can be converted into sliding shelves as well.  Pegboards will help you keep everything handy saving you space but also no one can get out of chores because they couldn’t find something. Let us know of any unusual places you have placed your pegboards on. 

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