5 Tips To Maximize Your Small Kitchen Space

You may suffer the lack of space in your kitchen while you are in the process of renovation. But there are plenty of reasons why small is better; small spaces are easier to decorate, easier to keep clean, and easier to organize. Many of us have small kitchens so we‘ll be discussing about maximizing your small kitchen space and how to make it feel bigger than it actually is, without breaking the bank.

1. Storage spaces:

The first area we must focus on is storage. In case you have so many utensils and gadgets, perhaps a purge is a good idea but before you purge, think of different ways to store items outside of kitchen cabinetry. For example, who needs a pot drawer, if you can hang your pot drawers on the wall in a creative and decent manner. Any wall space becomes a key area for storage if utilized smartly. Hanging it up means you can free up space in your cabinetry for other items. Choose anything that you would like to have at arm’s reach and hang them on the wall. Adding some decorative items like plants for a different texture and a burst of color along with your utensil will add value to your design.

2. Open shelving:

Think about how you can display your fancy dishware and decorative items. Open shelving with incredible functionality is an excellent option. Tuck some buckets or stools underneath open shelves for a little extra something you may not have had space for, in your small kitchen. It also helps to avoid people from getting too close to the open shelves. You can also use your windows for storage space as well as add few shelves up high where you can display some decorative items and still get your view. The key to keep all the stuff outside the cabinet is to keep them organized and tidy. Group like-minded things together or group them by color to make it all look cohesive. Moreover, Cabinets all above the ceiling maximize your storage spaces automatically.

3. Flooring:

Floor plays a vital role in making your kitchen practical and user friendly. Sometimes small kitchens means you have very limited surface areas. Therefore, you have to find out how to expand your walkways effectively. Light Colors and Bright places always makes the space feel bigger, so opt for light shade while choosing flooring for smaller kitchens.

4. Countertops:

We would all love a kitchen island if room allows that, Island will provide much needed surface area as well as storage space, additional sitting or both. If you do not have enough space for an island in your kitchen, you may add a folding table. A folding table is as functional as an island. Many foldable tables have tops that can be adjusted to change their height, position, shape, or size according to your needs.

5. Color and design:

Bold colored kitchen becomes a real conversation starter and any bold color will make your kitchen a focal point no matter what your kitchen size is. You will actually forget how small your kitchen is when you catch a vibe with bold color. On the other hand, white will always make the space feel larger, so an all-white kitchen will give you that larger feeling.

Flat paneled cabinet doors will also make space look larger because it has less detail to focus on. Using mirrors in your kitchen will open things visually as well. You can add mirrors to the cabinet fronts or add a mirrored backsplash on one side of your kitchen. It is a way to fool your eyes by reflecting more light while also giving you the illusion of more space beyond.

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