5 Reasons You Should Remodel Your Kitchen Today

The new decade has brought some amazing kitchen remodeling concepts that make your older kitchen a bit outdated. Maybe your marble countertops need a better finishing of butcher block, granite, or quartz which are undoubtedly more durable and long-lasting, or your all-white kitchen is now deemed boring and the bold monochromes have taken the walls and flooring and the textured wooden tones to add a rustic touch in your kitchen. Or your open kitchen is substituted with the closed and concealed ones. So if you care to keep up with the latest trends of kitchen remodeling, let’s find out why you need to remodel your kitchen today and the trends that must be incorporated into it. 

1. Concealed Kitchens Are The New Trend 

The new kitchen designs are compact and concealed. The idea behind the notion is maximum efficiency and durability and minimum clutter and interference. For that reason, careful consideration is vital to utilize every inch of the space while keeping enough space to move around. To start with, the cabinets must be built on one wall, instead of larger style dressers, and work with tall wall units to streamline space. Breakfast bars and kitchen islands are a must but with careful dimensions, although a floating island is a better option. 

2. Subtle Floorings For Warm Vibes 

The terra cotta flooring promises a traditional yet unique and elegant kitchen for those who love earthy and warm tones of potted plants and green gardens. Pair the earthy flooring with brass hardware and soaprock countertops for a unique and happening look to your kitchen. The terracotta tiles are handmade and along with flooring, if you want to decorate your kitchen walls with refined texture, try cement or terracotta tiles in vibrant or neutral hues according to your taste.

3. Kitchen Ceiling Are Equally Important 

People spend thousands of dollars renovating their kitchens and slip one of the most important areas that could otherwise bring a lot of novelty and elegance into their space. Yes, we are talking about the kitchen ceiling. Adorn your regular ceiling with groin vault, shed style, coffered, beams,  drop and tray ceiling, or with the ceiling tiles. Among all of them, the angled glass kitchen ceilings are the most trendy in small contemporary kitchens. Or if you don’t want to spend much, add a popping wallpaper, wood paneling or just a refreshing coat of paint to add a flair.

4. Conceal Your Appliances 

The new decade is all about concealed kitchens. The kitchen cabinetry system is designed in a way that reduces the presence of small appliances on the countertop. Or a hidden station to conceal dishwashers, kettle and toaster, microwave, and even fridge. The aesthetic and alignment of kitchen appliances with the tiles, wall color, backsplash, and the kitchen island has always been a daunting task, so rather than getting two-toned, or mix and match, concealing these appliances is deemed as a perfect solution in order to maintain a compact kitchen. 

5. Vibrant Colors Are A Must!

The all-white kitchens are meticulously impeccable. Although the latest trend is more about vibrant and striking colors. Whether it’s the cabinet color or the walls behind them, a popped-out color is all your kitchen needs to keep up a modern approach. As of today the black cabinets are certainly trendy, but don’t go all black, nix it with the sleek upper wood textured cabinets, open shelving would be even better. As of the dark drama, the black color emits fiery energy, liveliness, and sumptuousness in your kitchen. 

The kitchen is the most multifunctional place in a house. Investing and upgrading it brings an invaluable addition to your home both while you are living in it and when you intend to sell your property. 

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