5 Essential Additions To Your Home Renovation Plan

What is the purpose of renovating your home if it does not bear any fruit? Imagine going through  weeks of struggles, spending all your savings and yet the outcome is not pleasing enough. Your home renovation plan must add value to your house. You are definitely free to make your own decisions, and choose what’s best for your home. However, there are few essential additions that would add more flexibility to your lifestyle. These additions won’t get you bankrupt or become a nightmare. But rather add a unique twist that would add comfort and value to your home. We suggest that if you’re interested in getting one step closer to the house of your dreams keep reading. 

Let’s dig into those essential additions nobody told you about! 

1. Install A Security System 

Security concerns are a priority even if you live in a safe neighborhood. Renovation days are chaotic to say the least. The frequent coming and going of designers, contractors, laborers can be distracting. As it is most likely that you would not be at home 24/7 to keep a check. The solution? Install cameras and video doorbells to monitor your home at all times, you can even check the footage later on. Smart locks prove to be extremely beneficial as well. These precautions can be fruitful for the coming years as well. A smart security system will help you keep your house safe no matter where you are.  

2. Cost Estimates 

Home renovation plans always have an estimated cost of everything. The budget is set and the goal is to fulfill the expenses within that range. Yet, this is not the safest option. Your estimate can be proven wrong. It is preferable to always add 20 percent of the estimated cost. It might help you save more than you could think of. Additional estimates are safe and save you from going bankrupt! But always try making a budget and sticking to it. 

3. Don’t Be A Control Freak 

This isn’t a silly addition! We have a habit of noting down everything and expecting for things to go as per the plan. The obsession with perfection can lead to major mishaps if things don’t go well. It is good to have control but if things are not going as per the plan, you need not to fret. Let them go with the flow and wait for the end results. At times, it’s best to trust the universe for making it right. You can renovate your home but not your health! So stop worrying about every small thing and learn to ignore some problems too! 

4. Never Stop Interrogating 

While we are a strong believer of not worrying too much we still believe that curiosity ain’t a bad thing and asking questions is definitely not. We can never be 100% sure of our choices. If you have any doubts or any queries then don’t hold back. Ask away from professionals, designers, contractors as many questions as you want. Be sure about every decision till the very end. Questions don’t cost anything so feel free, it is YOUR home we are talking about! So never hesitate to ask the important questions even if you think they might seem a little dumb. 

5. The Right Replacements 

Your entire home renovation plan is of no use if you have not replaced the windows, installed ceiling fans, and upgraded the kitchen cabinets and handles. These minute details are essential to make your home look better and increase its value. Instead of cheap plastic or aluminum blinds, opt for plantation shutters or wooden drapes. Save your electricity bills and instead of hefty air conditioning install ceiling fans. If you wish to sell your home, make sure that the kitchen looks chic and classy. It needs to be appealing for the eye but more than that it needs to have quality hardware. 

No home renovation plan can be perfect and save you from worrying in the end but we hope that with these essentials we may be able to help minimize the stress. 

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