5 Decor Ideas For Your Work Space

Whether you’re a freelancer working at home or whether you’re working in an office space the way your work station looks will have a great impact on your productivity. Having a proper table and set up can definitely increase your productivity and inspire you to work harder! 

This is why we strongly recommend that you take the time and make your workstation as aesthetically pleasing, organized and creative as you want to make yourself comfortable at work.

Remember that this is the space you will be spending a huge amount of your time so it needs to look nice! Here are 5 tips for you to make your workstation creative and inspiring. 

  1. Choose A Color Palette 

It has been proven that colors trigger different kinds of reactions in people so choosing a color palette is very important. For example the color yellow is supposed to encourage communication, stimulate mental processes and activate your memory, all things essential for working! Similarly you can look into other colors you really like and create a nice atmosphere in your working space. We recommend choosing mild and neutral shades for your office but if you are in a creative field bright colors might go well in your office space as well. 

  1. Colorful Stationery Holders

The only thing I don’t like about the rapid digitization is the redundancy of stationary. We no longer need highlights, pens, pencils, sticky notes etc. But if your work still allows you to use all this stuff then first of all get super cute and trendy stationery from amazon and secondly get a nice holder. If you like to get creative then maybe reuse old containers by painting them or wrapping them up with some chic wrapping paper. You can even use old cans for a vintage look! 

  1. Add Motivating And Inspiring Quotes 

As cliche as it may sound but adding small bits and pieces of motivational quotes around your office space can actually work! When you’re depressed and lethargic and you look at your bulletin board that says “Good things come to those who hustle” I’m sure you will be more willing to get back to work. You can also get nice picture frames of these quotes to add art and motivation in your office at the same time. If you just have a workstation use cute push magnets and pins to attach these quotes right in front of you to keep you on the top of your game always.

  1. Add A Lamp 

Dimly or badly lit spaces are the worst ever. They literally perpetuate sadness and make working so boring. If you are building your work space at home then you definitely make considerable changes in your light and modern pendant lights on your desk to make it look nicer. But if you’re in an office then your best bet is a lamp. You can find small cheap ones easily in thrift stores and online. Just make sure your lamp is not too big so that it doesn’t take up so much space on your desk. 

  1. Organize Your Desk 

No matter what you do with your workstation or office, if it’s not organized it’s never going to look good. Apart from the aesthetics, working on a messy desk is virtually impossible so take time out to sort your desk! You can find trendy paper separters and organizers on Amazon. Get a plain Letter tray and paint it with golden spray paint to add a colorful accessory to your table. You can also get document holders and tag them for keeping it organized always. 

  1. Add A Small Vase 

Vases may not be everyone’s preferred piece of decoration but it would be for a lot of people who love flowers! You can occasionally bring in fresh flowers and put them in the vase and other times just the usual fake flowers can get the job done. Flowers add color to your space very subtly and if they are real then the accompanying aroma is just amazing. If you have a whole room to yourself you should get 2-3 vases and place them in different places and fill them with some fake flowers. This will surely make everyone look back at your office once more! 

Most office spaces looking amazing but don’t smell amazing so don’t forget your aroma diffusers and never forget to declutter!

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