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Bathroom Remodeling 101

Bathroom remodeling is a surefire way to enhance the value of your house, improve its functionality, and add to its beauty. But it is a complicated task that demands extensive planning, budget, and patience. Before changing anything, it is important to consider the needs and limitations of your space. As it is a tiresome task that requires a lot of money, so you cannot afford to renovate your bathroom every few years. So in this article, we will be discussing the dos and don’ts of redesigning a bathroom to help you make the informed decision.

Maximize The Storage Space

There can never be too much storage space in a house, especially in a bathroom. The vanity and cabinets under the sink should be able to hold towels, toiletries, bathrobes, and candles, etc. Be creative and find sneaky ways to incorporate small storage units, particularly for small bathrooms. For example, mirror shelves are a smart way to organize all the cosmetics and make-up. Multi-layered corner racks in the shower area keep the toiletries accessible and arranged. These small tricks will help you to declutter the bathroom and save you the trouble of keeping it clean afterward.

Wider Drain Pipes

Normally the PVC pipes used for drain plumbing have a diameter of 1 1/2-, or sometimes 1 1/4 inch. They are prone to clogging and blockage due to frequent usage. Specifically for houses with large families or public restrooms, which undergo excessive utilization. Most importantly, it will cost just as much as regular PVC drain pipes but will end up making a world of difference. After all, the most annoying thing about a bathroom is a drain that gets clogged up very easily.

Add Textured Tiles

While selecting tiles or flooring for the bathroom, don’t forget to account for the hazard that comes with smooth tiles. Opt for the material that has a higher porosity, hence higher slip-resistance. Another way to minimize the risk of slipping is to choose textured tiles. Since they increase your grip on the wet and soapy floor. Therefore ceramic tiles are a better choice than porcelain tiles as they are denser, porous, and stronger than the latter. Moreover, the textured tiles add a visual appeal to your bathroom.

Low Ventilation

We have all been through the experience of entering a bathroom that is hotter than an oven, at least once in their lifetime. This occurs due to the lack of ventilation and exhaust points. As a result, heat, and humidity, gets trapped inside the bathroom and restricts the air exchange. Furthermore, it also provides favorable conditions for the growth of mold and fungus, thus compromising the hygiene of a bathroom. Invest in a good quality exhaust fan and install a window in there to allow for increased air exchange.

Dull Lighting

Apart from giving it a spooky vibe, low lightning also affects the functionality of a bathroom. As it is the place where you do your hair, apply makeup, shave, and do countless other tasks that need bright white lights. But having too much light near the bathtub can interrupt your relaxing bath experience. Therefore, it is suggested to add various sources of light, with dimmers to adjust the intensity according to mood. 

Blindly Following A Trend

Oh, how we regret the pink bathroom phase of the late 90s and early 2000s. If you are one of the victims of this trend and still has an all-pink bathroom, then you know the struggle. So before jumping on a trend bandwagon, it is important to question its durability, practicality, and life cycle. Because everything in the bathroom renovation is interconnected, and any small mistake can cost you a lot of time, money, and energy.

Whatever you do, remember that you will have to live with that choice for the next 15-20 years.

How to evaluate a house

What does the price of a property depend on? How to evaluate a used house? Have we decided to buy or sell? The price of a property changes according to various variables. First of all, as we know, the place where the property is located, the city and the area in which it is located is very important, as well as obviously the square footage and, again, if it is a new or used property, renovated or not .

Even the complex in which it is located is of primary importance: if it is an independent house or a condominium, the state of restructuring of the common parts, the type of building, the possibility of using the lift, any panoramic views. Experts at Kitchen Infinity use tools like mappery to pinpoint a homes location to help gauge price. How to evaluate a house more precisely?

To get a precise estimate, you need to turn to an expert (for example a surveyor) or, if we simply want to get an idea of ​​the potential value, you can check the prices of houses with characteristics (also on the internet or at real estate agencies) similar in your area.

Here are the elements that contribute to the price of an apartment, house, villa.

  • – City in which it is located . The bigger the city, the higher the cost. The closer the house is to services (metro, tram connections, pharmacies, supermarkets) the greater its value.
  • – Size . A large apartment will have a higher price.
  • – Type of building : popular, civil, residential. The first is the cheapest, the residential ones are usually more refined. If the apartment is located in a newly built building, its value goes up.
  • – Number of rooms. Parameter closely related to square footage. Although, it can happen that, for example, a 70 sq m apartment is a two room apartment, while another 70 sq m apartment is already a three room apartment. The price usually does not affect very much, even if a three-room apartment in this case could have a greater value.
  • Heating: Independent heating is an advantage: it allows personalized management and the possibility of saving on bills.
  • Elevator: Needless to talk about it. It is clear, a property in a building with no lift and located on the upper floors, falls in price.
  • Bathroom: Homes with more than one bathroom are more valuable. If the bathroom is blind (without window), the value of the property drops.
  • Kitchen: Beautiful kitchens (or not so beautiful) are typically the heart of the homes. The kitchen remodeling experts mentioned above believe that adding new cabinets and countertops could make the world of difference for you & your family, plus add great value to the resale value of your home.
  • Balconies , number of arias. Homes with multiple exposures are priced higher. Even more if the balcony is large and allows you to place chairs, tables.

Is it worth selling or buying through a real estate agency? Is it true that they inflate prices too much? As a rule, an agency has an interest in the house being sold and if it, together with the owner of a house, decides to increase the price a little, it usually does not deviate by more than 5/10% from the final value. Moreover, by raising prices too much, people would end up turning exclusively to private individuals. 

Where is the cadastral income of a property

The cadastral income of a property is an essential element, for the purposes of calculating the IMU, the TASI, the inheritance tax, for the purposes of personal income tax. It is in fact the tax base for the calculation of taxes.

But where is the cadastral income? How to find it? We see below, first of all, how and where to find the cadastral income of a property and, then, how to revalue it, according to current legislation.

Knowing the cadastral income of a house is very simple: just take the notarial deed of sale of the house and check the various pages: the cadastral income is written obligatorily on that document, then check every single page and you will find the value (usually you located on the third page).

Another method to find the cadastral income is offered directly by the Revenue Agency : from this link Consult cadastral income it is possible to recover the cadastral income, the data on land and agricultural income. To know this data, you just have to click on Login to the Service, enter your tax code, cadastral identifiers (i.e. the Municipality, the section, the sheet, the parcel) and the province where the house is located.

Finally, another method is to make use of a tax consultant , then an accountant, accountant or CAF, who will take care of requesting a cadastral survey. Usually, for this service, the consultant takes a fee that is around 25 euros. The title search is composed of two or three sheets, in the first sheet you will find the Rc, cadastral income.

Finally, remember that, to pay certain taxes, it may be necessary to re-evaluate the cadastral income. Read the post revaluation cadastral income at 5%.

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